Between Antalya Airport and the city center

Between Antalya Airport and the city center

Between Antalya Airport and the city center, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality operates 600 and 800 and 400 buses. Antalya Airport Domestic Bus Station Number: 11525.

Important: The route and departure times of Sarısu Antalya Airport bus number 800 have changed. Bus number 800 operates between Lara Airport and East Garage.
Airport number 400 now operates between Calli junction kepez Municipality Hal junction Airport in Sarısu Konyaaltı region.

Bus line 800 (Lara region): It operates between East Garage – Burhanettin Onat, Sampi Junction, Lara Region, Terrracity Shopping Center Antalya Airport.

400 Airport Bus line (Konyaaltı Region): Sarısu – Konyaltı – 5M Migros – Çallı – Kepez municipality – Hal junction – Antalya Airport Route works.

Airport Bus Line 600 (City Center Bus Station): The route has not changed. Antalya Bus Station, Akdeniz University, Meltem, 100. Yıl Avenue, Meydan, DEEPO AVM Antalya Airport is working on the route.

Below you will find detailed information on the routes and timetables for Airport Buses 400, 600 and 800. Have a Nice Trip ..

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