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Lara Beach hotels are actually in Kundu.

Lara Beach Hotels-Kundu – The LC07 and LC07express are the best buses to get to the Saturday Market, Lower Duden Falls (and the Sunday Market close to Duden Park) and into the centre of Antalya. The route takes you past Terra City, Laura and SheMall shopping centres. The LC07 also stops at the Antalya Museum of Archaeology.

511 – goes through the village and country side to Deepo Shopping Mall.

To get a bus back to the hotels look for one that has Lara-Kundu-Oteller- Kundu on either the board in the window or the LED display. You will usually need to get it on the other side of the road.

Here’s a link to the bus routes in Antalya. For the Lara Beach hotels put type Kundu in the small search box. If the website resets and it often does click on Otobus Guzergahlari on the black menu bar.

You will need an AntalyaKart to travel on the buses as the transport system became cashless earlier this year. As far as we know bus drivers are selling the cards but there are many outlets around the city. Tram stations both sell and top them up.

taxi from antalya airport to lara beach

Antalya airport only goes to 800 or 600 but unfortunately does not pass from Lara Beach. So we’ll have to go to Güzeloba with a bus and then wait for bus 800.
Therefore, the shortest and most comfortable method of “shuttle transfer” or “privat transfer” is to order. You can pay by credit card or use the cash payment option during transfer.

If urgent, you can Order a transfer ⤷

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