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Tours&activities – With a prime location along the Turkish Riviera, Antalya is the gateway to the Mediterranean, surrounded by the wild landscapes of the Taurus Mountains and some of Turkey’s most impressive archaeological sites. Here are your options for Antalya daily tours&activities.

aquarium antalya

Aquarium Antalya

gettransfer 724 gettransfer » Tours AQUARIUMAquarium in AntalyaIncludedPhotosPriceAquarium in Antalya Come with us and visit Antalya’s newest attraction. Antalya's Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world and offers three different levels with many different species of fish and the largest underwater tunnel aquarium in the world, over 131m long and 3m wide.


Antalya’s Shopping Malls – Private Tour

gettransfer 724 gettransfer » Tours Antalya's Shopping Malls - Private TourShopping MallsIncludedPhotosPriceShopping Malls For those who love to pick up a bargain or just enjoy some retail therapy, this day is made for you! The day begins by visiting Deepo Outlet Centre which is one of the largest outlet stores in the Mediterranean region of

turkish bath

Turkish Bath

gettransfer 724 gettransfer » Tours Turkish BathTurkish BathIncludedPhotosPriceTurkish Bath Want a top-notch tan whilst trying something new. Then a trip to a hammam, or Turkish bath, is definitely for you. Hammams have existed in Turkey since ancient times, providing locals with a way to relax, freshen up and catch up with gossip all at the

Antalya City Sightseeing with Cable Car Ride

Antalya City Sightseeing with Cable Car Ride

gettransfer 724 gettransfer » Tours Antalya City Sightseeing with Cable Car RideAntalya City Sightseeing with Cable Car RideIncludedNot IncludedPhotosPriceItineraryAntalya City Sightseeing with Cable Car Ride The tour begins with a spectacular cable car ride on the Tunektepe cable car which rises 1,700m above the coastline of Antalya affording superb views to the west of the

Full-Day Guided Tour of Istanbul, from Antalya including Domestic Flights

Full-Day Guided Tour of Istanbul, from Antalya including Domestic Flights

gettransfer 724 gettransfer » Tours Full-Day Guided Tour of IstanbulFull-Day Guided Tour of IstanbulIncludedNot IncludedPhotosPriceWhat To ExpectAdditional InfoFull-Day Guided Tour of Istanbul During your stay in Antalya, fly to Istanbul for a full-day tour of the top attractions in the old city of Sultahnamet. Visit Topkapı Palace, the Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, and the Egyptian (Spice)

Jeep Safari from Antalya on Taurus Mountains

Offroad Safari from Antalya on Taurus Mountains

gettransfer 724 gettransfer » Tours Offroad Safari from Antalya on Taurus MountainsJeep Safari from AntalyaIncludedPhotosPriceJeep Safari from Antalya Go off-road in the Taurus Mountains on a guided jeep safari. Experience the beautiful landscapes away from the city and travel past valleys, rivers, waterfalls, and mountain ranges. Visit a small Turkish village and enjoy a lunch

Boat Cruise in green canyon

Boat Cruise in Green Canyon

gettransfer 724 gettransfer » Tours Boat Cruise in Green canyonBoat Cruise in Green CanyonIncludedPhotosPriceBoat Cruise in Green Canyon Leave your hotel in the morning for a memorable day in the heart of nature. Your destination is one of the world's most beautiful dam lakes. First of all travel by bus to the Green Canyon and

Cappadocia by flight

Cappadocia by flight from Antalya

gettransfer 724 gettransfer » Tours Cappadocia by flightCappadocia by flightIncludedNot IncludedPhotosPriceCappadocia by flight Discover the unique Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a magnificent place to explore. This almost fantasy world is so rare, you don’t want to miss out! Highlights - Discover a fairy tale world! - Take the best photos from the

demre kekova myra

Demre-Kekova & Myra

gettransfer 724 gettransfer » Tours Demre-Kekova & MyraDemre-Kekova & MyraIncludedPhotosPriceDemre-Kekova & Myra Cruise to Kekova Island and discover an area of outstanding beauty. The island is famous for its underwater ruins, the relics of an ancient town partially submerged by an earthquake in the 2nd Century. While you're here, there'll also be a short stop

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