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Public transport between Antalya and Kemer

Transfer antalya airport to kemer,-For Bus Service to Kemer – From Antalya you can take from the bus station or located on the southest side of the MMM Migros shopping center ….accross the street from the 7 Mehmet restaurant (called Antalya – Kemer – Kumluca Otobüs Durağı)

Also there is a bus to Kemer from Antalya called “Express yol – Kemer” this would be faster as they dont stop along the way to drop off or pick up other passengers..The bus might take about 1 hour or less to the Kemer bus station.

so you will also have to get to the bus station from the airport. The 600 bus from the airport runs to the Otogar ( bus station ) or you can also take the Havas buses.

Kemer: Antalya – Beldibi – Göynük – Kemer

(Vehicles signed with “Express” travel direct to Kemer without stopping at Beldibi and Göynük)

Express bus should take about 30-40 minutes.

Transfer antalya airport to kemer

Is it better to take a mini van taxi from the airport ,if we will be 6 persons or arranged transfer?
Best to arrange a private transfer to Kemer and as you are six people.
Is it cheaper or almost the same as the yellow taxi?
Cheaper but contact the companies and get quotes. The journey to Kemer is over an hour. Or you can book transfer directly here – book– price from 35euro – 45 euro private transfer

You can ask a trusted and budget shuttle for transfer from Antalya airport to Camyuva, Tekirova, Beldibi,Göynük , Kemer

Shuttle transfers start at the airport and ends at the hotel. Service is available until the hotel. As soon as you leave Antalya airport, you will come to our information desk and you will be directed to our vehicles like our other passengers. Our vehicle moves and takes you to the hotels that have been booked respectively.

To inquire about our prices and to make a reservation: You must specify the starting and ending point for the transportation you want to receive service. Then you must specify the date and time.
A list will appear in order; You can choose from this list according to the number of people and price.
Then, by specifying your flight information, you will pass the reservation stage.
Hotels in tourist areas of the airports in Turkey to / from the hotel to make reservations for the airport shuttle so easy ..